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Sydney Garden Maintenance

Garden Maintenance SydneyMaintaining your garden is like keeping your home clean. If you neglect it, before you know it,  the weeds can get out of control, and you have a space that's no longer appealing.

However maintenance and beautifying go hand in hand at RB Kanangra Landscapes, Sydney.  Your garden won't just be tidied up but renewed, refreshed and reshaped if necessary.  Attention is given to trees also, plant health, soil health and weed eradication.  It's not about trimming the lawn and the hedges.

Most customers can't help saying Wow when Ray is finished.  It's what he thrives on; customer satisfaction.  And that is why customers stay with RB Kanangra Landscapes, Sydney for the long term.

Garden Maintenance Services we offer at RB Kanangra

 pruning and hedging
 pest and disease treatment
 watering system check
 lawn rejuvenation
 weed control
 mulching and more 

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