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Garden Design SydneyThink back to the gardens you enjoyed when you were a child.  You probably remember a lawn, surrounded by flowers and shrubs with perhaps a small stepping stone path and table and chairs casually placed on a sunny day.  The appeal of the garden was the beauty of the flowers, shrubs and hedges, as well as the scent of freshly cut grass and flowers in bloom. Nature is very relaxing.

In today's world landscaping offers hard, practical areas for outdoor living without even getting your feet dirty.  It's too easy to overlook the soft planting side, the appeal of nature itself and the effect that a beautiful plant arrangement can have on the soul.
Ray is a plant enthusiast and fanatic, visiting plant shows interstate regularly, dreaming up beautiful planting arrangements and trying out new plants (cultivars) as they appear.  Your garden, under Ray's care will come alive, literally, with fragrance, form and texture. The plants are not there just to soften the hard landscaping but to enhance your enjoyment of being outside.

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Gordon Boath, qualified landscaper, RB Kanangra Landscapes, Sydney
Ray is a natural designer and especially knows about the planting (soft) side of landscaping. His knowledge of plants is vast and concentrated on plant species.  Ray knows how to do complementary planting in terms of colour and form.  He knows about foliage and excels at putting themes together – knowing which plants suit perfectly.